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How To Recover Lost Data

In most of the cases the lost data due to formatting, accidental deletion, files corruption and hard disk failure is completely recoverable if you use right recovery techniques and tools.  Damage to the data can be occurred due to the physical failure of the hard disk, hard disk crash, Windows corruption, accidental deletion, formatting, files corruption and physical damage to your computer due to the natural disasters.  

Data lost is a very troublesome and awkward situation and it can lead to the waste of time and financial loss for an organization.  The best solution to avoid this situation is to take regular backups of your critical data on another system, on CDs/DVDs and on another system on the remote location. If you are novice computer user and don’t much about the recovery methodologies and techniques, the best advice for you is to immediately call a data recovery specialist in your area.

The data recovery specialists are the specialized persons in recovering the lost data due to any reason.  Explain the situation to the recovery specialist that how you lost your data. They have expertise, specialized tools and resources to get the lost data back safely and securely even if you don’t know the real cause of the data lost.   Preventive measure can be taken to avoid the critical conditions and further loss of your data.

Preventive Techniques

  • Do not install any software on the same drive from where your data has been deleted or lost.
  • Do not attempt data recovery techniques if you are not expert at it.
  • Use your computer as little as possible unless your problem is solved.
  • Do not unplug the hard disk.  Leave all the recovery tasks to the specialists.
  • Regularly take backup of your critical data.
  • Use surge protectors and UPS to avoid the data loss and media crash due to power failure.
  • Make sure that your computer is fully protected with the antivirus, anti spyware and firewall software to avoid the data loss due to the spyware, adware and virus attack.
  • Do not over burden your computer with the unnecessary software.
  • Do not frequently Add/Remove software on your hard disk, it may lead to the bad sectors on the disks.

Data Recovery Tips

  • In case of data lost, your first choice should be to use the recovery services in your area. Call the specialists and explain them the cause of the problem.
  • If you are an experienced computer professional, use Data Recovery Software that will help you to diagnose the cause of data lost and recover it in its full entirety.  Using the recovery software without any technical knowledge may result in the permanent loss of your data.
  • To not run Scandisk utility of Windows.
  • To not defragment the hard drives.
  • Do not try to open the hard disk.
  • Do not shake the hard disk.
  • Turn off your computer if hear buzzing sounds.
  • Do not restart your computer.

Back-up your files in case of data loss without spending a fortune, by finding cheap hard drive deals online.





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